Telecommunications Expense Management

What is TEM and how does it work?

 Our Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM) program is a contingency based telecom audit and analysis of all of your company’s telecommunications services and charges. We audit every line item on your bills for accuracy and appropriateness of the service and its charge.

Our TEM program provides you with assurance that your company is not overpaying for your services and that your telecom services are being handled by competent professionals with only your best interest in mind. 

Our program:

Reduces expenses or there is no fee!
Never requires a retainer or any up-front fees!
Includes all telecom-related bills: local dial tone, long distance, cellular & wireless, data, fax, internet access, maintenance, etc.
Requires very little of your time – we do all of the work!

With the completion of our (TEM) program (formerly called Audit and Analysis), you are assured that your telecommunications services are thoroughly audited, there are no billing errors and that you are receiving the most cost-effective telecom services available. 

Bill Monitoring/Problem Resolution

For a flat monthly retainer, we will monitor your telecom bills on an ongoing basis and approve for payment. If the bills contain errors or reconciliation issues, we will do all of the work necessary to correct the problems, taking all of the work effort off of you. We will customize a program for each individual client that may include billing and/or physical  problem resolution on an ongoing, as-needed basis.

In addition to TEM, our other services include:

Bill Review and Payment
Project Management Services
Bill Monitoring/Problem Resolution
Utility Expense Management

Wireless Audit and Optimization

Bill Review and Payment

Our tenured consultants will receive your telecom bills every month, review them for accuracy, place orders to correct any errors, make payment to the vendors, assign the proper GL code and provide you with detailed documentation on what was paid.


Project Management Services

Kloppe Associates will handle your entire project to assure that it has the correct resources assigned and to bring your telecom project in on-time and on-budget using industry accepted processes.

Let Kloppe Associates deal with the phone companies for you!

How do I get started; what’s the process?

You provide us with copies of your telecom related bills and contracts and we’ll bring you back a report that documents your inventory, any billing errors plus refunds/recoveries and our recommendations on ways to reduce your ongoing expenses. You make the decisions, we perform all of the implementation and coordination for a successful conversion for you and verify your savings.

Utility Expense Management

What our TEM program does for your telecom related services, our Utility Expense Management program does for your utilities. This program includes your natural gas, electric, water and sewer charges. These bills are audited for accuracy and recommendations are made on ways to cut costs.

Kloppe Associates' Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM) program helps your organization by:

  • Analyzing all areas of your telecom bills
  • Letting you focus on your job, not phone issues
  • Performing our work on a contingency basis

Wireless Audit and Optimization

Wireless is one of the fastest growing and largest IT costs. The variety of business plans available adds to the confusion and frustration of choosing the right configuration.  Kloppe Associates' forensic audit and analysis digs deep into your historic and current usage and trends, to identify errors and recommendations that will have a  direct savings impact on your bottom line.

We will reduce your company’s telecom expenses or there is no fee!

Under our Contingency fee program, you pay only if and when we are able to produce savings.

We share in actual, measured savings once our recommendations are accepted by you and implemented by us. If there are no savings, there is no fee for our services.